Curtin University Perth, Colleges and Courses Fees List

Curtin University Perth, located in Perth, Australia, has become a leading educational establishment for earning a university degree. It is a reputed institution that offers various degrees, including Bachelor of Science programs and Doctorate programs.


Some of Curtin University Perth’s courses are Accounting, Criminal Justice, Criminal Studies, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Law, Management, Nursing, Non-Procedure courses, Public Administration, Social Sciences, and Telecommunications. All these courses help students enrich their knowledge and improve their careers.

A Curtin University Perth Colleges and Courses Fees List list the courses fees offered at this college. The prices of the courses vary with different levels of a student’s degree.

The first step that any student should take to ensure that they get the lowest possible rates is to check out the Curtin University Perth Colleges and Courses Fees List.

This will give detailed information about all the courses fees and the different tuitions available. Once a student finds out the fees, he can easily compare other colleges’ rates to choose the best option.

Once the details are known, it is time to look into the offers of each college. Some colleges are affiliated with some universities. In such a case, students can benefit from getting tuition discounts.


1. Master of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration program at Curtin University Perth was designed to provide students with the skills they need to manage both a firm and an organization.

This program helps students acquire the knowledge they need to succeed both as an individual leader and manager of a larger company.

The colleges have separate tuition fees, and the list of courses fees can be obtained online. The fee structure of a course may differ from college to college. Most colleges have a list of courses fees. The students can check this list to determine what courses they need to complete to earn their degrees.


The University of Perth offers several specializations that students can complete to help them fulfil their business career goals. Specializations may include Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, HRM, Marketing, Personal and Professional Management, Sales and Marketing, and Information Technology.

In addition to being a highly respected name in the business community, the University of Perth also offers students the chance to participate in research studies, work in a government facility, or become a teacher in a college or university.

For any of these endeavours, the graduate of the Curtin University Perth Master of Business Administration program will have an excellent curriculum and support network available to them.

Once a student has completed the program and graduated, they will have a solid foundation to succeed in the business world.

1st Year Tuition Fees

2. Master of Business Administration

Curtin University Perth Australia is known for providing great degrees and professional-learning opportunities to its students.

This allows you to concentrate on the practical aspects of business administration while taking courses that allow you to learn about finance, marketing, and accounting, as well as managerial and leadership skills.

Curtin University Perth also offers several programs in teaching and business administration that you can pursue after completing your degree.

With an array of graduate programs, including a Master of Business Administration, you will be prepared for a dynamic career that combines academics with hands-on work experience.

There are also many professional-learning opportunities that you can pursue once you graduate from Curtin University Perth.

Students can also participate in a range of internships during their graduate studies at Curtin University Perth. Students who graduate with certifications in Accounting, Banking, and Finance can benefit from professional employment, which can give them an edge over other potential employees.

The courses fees list includes details regarding the various areas in which students can pursue degrees, including Accounting and Reporting, which are suitable for anyone looking to begin a career in an accountant-type position.

1st Year Tuition Fees

3. Master of Management

Curtin University Perth is a prominent business, management, and public sector academic and educational facility for Western Australia.

With its focus on business courses and degree programs, Curtin University provides outstanding teaching and research opportunities to people looking to pursue a degree in business, management or any other field related to commerce and industry.

Curtin University Perth also offers distance education services to students all around the globe. The university has campuses in Perth and Albury in Western Australia and other cities in Australia and New Zealand.

Other departments that provide courses and programs that students can consider include strategic management, learning management, information systems and e-business.

This institution offers more than 200 different course selections from undergraduate majors to graduate degrees in business, information systems and other relevant fields. Its strengths lie in providing outstanding business and information technology-based education to its students.

The number of fees charged at Curtin University Perth is reasonable. Its financial aid packages specially designed for students with bad credit and no previous experience make it easy to enrol and take advantage of the program.

Students can complete their Master of Engineering Management in as little as five years. Students in this program are offered the flexibility to complete coursework at their own pace, which suits their busy lifestyle.

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