New Universities in 8 Districts of Punjab – Latest News

The Special Assistant to Punjab Chief Minister, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, has announced the approval of the establishment of universities in eight districts of Punjab including Attock, Gujranwala, Rajanpur, Pakpattan, Hafizabad, Bhakkar, Layyah, and Sialkot.


According to the details, Dr. Awan said that funds worth Rs. 15 billion have been allocated for higher education development in the current fiscal year, which is 285 percent more than in the previous fiscal year.

“The provincial government is setting up new universities in every district, and so far six universities have been established,” she tweeted.

1/5 ہائر ایجوکیشن کی اہمیت کے پیش نظر آئندہ بجٹ میں 15 ارب روپے کے ترقیاتی فنڈز  مختص کئے گے ہیں جو کہ پچھلے سال کی نسبت 285 فیصد زیادہ ہیں۔پنجاب حکومت ہر ضلع میں نئی یونیورسٹیوں کا قیام عمل میں لا رہی ہے اب تک چھ نیورسٹیوں کا قیام عمل میں لایا جا چکا ہے۔

— Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan (@Dr_FirdousPTI) July 1, 2021

She also revealed that the establishment of seven universities in the districts of Bahawalnagar, Toba Tek Singh, Muzaffargarh, DG Khan, Kasur, and Sheikhupura have been proposed for the next financial year.

The provincial government has set aside Rs. 16.60 billion for the establishment of the University of Applied Engineering and Emerging Technology in Sialkot, Rs. 2 billion for the establishment of the University of DG Khan, Rs. 3 billion for the establishment of Gujranwala University, Rs. 2 billion for the establishment of the Baba Farid University in Pakpattan, and Rs. 2 billion for the establishment of Attock University.

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