Parents Protest Against Private Schools Over Summer Vacation

Parents in Peshawar have flocked to the streets to protest the unfairness of private schools and demand a reduction in school tuition.


On Thursday, parents held a demonstration outside the Peshawar Press Club, requesting that school owners announce a summer holiday and fee relief owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parents’ Union President Alamzeb Khan, former PPP MPA Mehar Sultana, Legal Advisor, advocate Abbas Sangeen, and spokesman Shahid Niazi led the procession. They marched with banners and placards demanding that the provincial government solve their issues.

On summer break, the speakers bemoaned two separate notifications from the “so-called” champions of “one Pakistan.” They were taken aback when they learned that the government had declared summer break for public school children while allowing private schools to continue sessions in the sweltering heat.

‚ÄúParents and children are being treated unfairly. One of the speakers remarked, “We demand that the minister of education and the MD of the Private Schools Regulatory Authority quit.”

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